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Over the Pandemic

Over the pandemic, I…

Did not start a podcast

Did scroll daily for doom on burner accounts

Did get somewhat into plants Did not become fascist Did shout down white supremacy and American exceptionalism every chance I got / get Did become triggered by flags Did get vaccinated Did not violate HIPAA Did not believe Russian propaganda Did not get into crypto Did not do a NFT or buy one or acknowledge their existence Did not play wrdle Did lament the dissolving of reality Did mourn democracy Did cry at the hugeness and intensity of inequality, hate, and ignorance Did feel hopeless sometimes Did feel hopeful sometimes Did love The Circle (Season 1) on Netflix Did not download Animal Crossing (but should’ve) Did learn that they now make mixed, sweet and savory (cheese alongside caramel) bags of popcorn Did appreciate the explosion of charcuterie awareness Did acquire about three hundred flashlights Did “prep” a tiny bit Did buy an air fryer Did not enjoy using it Did learn what a “scoby” is Did not home-produce sourdough or kombucha

Did vow to someday become the world's greatest photographer of slot machines

Did begin making sculpture out of Velcro™ and army patches

Did learn that you can't legally say "Velcro™"

Did begin making sculpture out of "hook and loop fastener" and army patches Did start many arts & crafts projects Did consume many great cannabis products Did get a couple monstera Did not buy that entryway shoe rack that the algorithm keeps pushing Did buy an e-scooter Did have the best time with my partner and our kid Did / Do hate Peppa Pig


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