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Paradise Buffet

Paradise Buffet is an ongoing body of work studying the cocaine-paced, ever-changing streetscape and population of "America's Super Id" and capital of end-stage capitalism, Las Vegas, Nevada. Writings, photography, and repurposed / recontextualized travel ephemera spotlight, celebrate, and criticize Sin City's role as wholesale supplier of escapism to millions, annually. Paradise Buffet reports daily, live and direct from the end of the world.


Nurse Signs

The @NurseSigns instagram account was created in 2015 to document Jamaica's brilliant hand painted signage. The feed focuses primarily on the roadside signs promoting the island’s non stop carnival of dancehall and reggae music events but also shows the ubiquitous inventive hand lettering that adorns everything from rum bars to car washes to churches. Nurse Signs is named in honor of Westemoreland’s premier signman, Cleark “Nurse” James, and works to spread awareness and generate income for Jamaica’s many talented sign painters. Follow us at @nursesigns



Bingofreaks is a collection of writing and photography studying the people and places that comprise Las Vegas' 24 hour bingo parlor scene.


Limousine Action

Limousine Action is a semi-annual, full-color adult travel magazine. Issue 1 was released in 2019 and features the artwork and photography of Rhea Adri, Kevin Anglim, Mikhail Budhai, Nichelle Dailey, Nick Frisone, Matt Goias, Princess Indikah, Bert Krak, Leyman Lahcine, Leigh Langston, Tristina Millz, Zakiya Mowatt, Jessy Nite, Reid van Renesse, Nic Taylor, Thunderwing Studio, and Reid Waters.

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