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Matt Goias has written about art, music, fashion, film, sex, and cannabis for publications including Complex, Large Up, Merry Jane, Mass Appeal, Missbehave, and Penthouse.


Paul Revere & Moe

Sole DXB

Excerpted from the forthcoming Paradise Buffet, Paul Revere & Moe examines a sampling of the works of architect Paul Revere Williams, and gangster Moe Dalitz in Las Vegas.


A New York Life

Sole DXB

Profile of artist and Alife NYC co-founder, Rob Cristofaro, for Sole DXB. Published online, September 2020

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 6.02.40 PM.png


Sole DXB

Profile on the late, iconic Jamaican photographer, Peter Dean Rickards and his Afflicted Yard. Originally published in SOLE DXB Event Edition, December, 2019.


Nurse Signs

Originally Published by Mass Appeal

Profile on legendary Jamaican signpainter, Cleark "Nurse" James.


Orange Hill Daytrip

Merry Jane

Miami DJ Reid Waters recounts an excursion to Jamaica's mecca of marijuana.


Bugged Art

Merry Jane

Profile of prolific Western Jamaica dancehall signpainter Rushane "Bug" Drummond.


Community in Crisis

Merry Jane

The Las Vegas cannabis community responds with compassion to the October 2017 shooting tragedy.

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